Great opportunity for investors

Invest in Lipik Orašje Garešnicu

Project`s overall objective

Contributing to sustainable economic development and increasing in employability through the creation of an efficient and effective entrepreneurial ecosystem in the cross-border partnership area (Orašje, Garešnica, Lipik)

Project`s specific objective

To improve the structure and quality of business services in the business support institutions of the cross-border partnership area (Orašje, Garešnica, Lipik)

PROJECT DURATION: 28 months 01.07.2017. – 31.10.2019.


Total budget: 731.906,95 €
Programme co-financing (85 %): 622.120,89 €

Total budget Municipality of Orašje: 249.881,48 €
Programme co-financing (85%): 212.399,25 €

212.399,25 €

Total budget Town of Lipik: 261.375,50 €
Programme co-financing (85%): 222.169,17 €

222.169,17 €

Total budget PCG: 220.649,97 €
Programme co-financing (85%): 187.552,47 €

187.552,47 €

Target groups

  • To whom is the project intended?

    – SMEs from the cross-border partnership area
    – Local public authority
    – Regional public authority
    – Business support organisa􀆟on

  • In which area?

    Cross-border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina – Municipality Orašje and Republic of Croa􀆟a – Town of Lipik and Town of Garešnica

Workpackage list


Strengthening the role of the BSI and improvement of condi􀆟ons for the networking and internationalization of SMEs in cross-border partnership area

Investment in Lipik, Orašje and Garešnica–


Municipality of Orašje

Treća ulica 45
76270 Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Nikola Benković, Financial assistant
Tel: +387 (0) 031 712 322

Town of Lipik

Marije Terezije 27
34551 Lipik, Republic of Croatia
Iva Gamauf, Project Coordinator

Business Center Garešnica

Trg hrvatskih branitelja 10
43280 Garešnica, Republic of Croatia
Ana Marija Župančić, Project Coordinator